About C&P
Charles & Partners is a boutique accounting firm that services SMEs
We believe that good business management
begins with properly doing up your accounts

We view accounts as an integral part of a healthy business. C&P was created to provide access to quality accounting services customised to suit each business' idiosyncrasies. Our business emphasises on understanding the business, and from it, provide value-adding advice.

C&P was created to be the provider of professional advice for long-term business requirements

C&P meets the clients' requirements for reliable and customisable  accounting services that can see them through across business cycles. We offer complete, 'one-stop' solutions for the company's annual compliance requirements and are prepared to provide advisory and consulting services at the request of the client.

C&P exclusively focuses on serving SMEs and has over 100 clients in its portfolio.

100 + companies serviced
Across 15 industries
Consulting & Advisory Services
for companies and groups with assets
less than $100M
01.          Budgeting and monitoring
02.          Group/Company restructuring
03.          Group/Company tax optimisation
04.          Operations consulting
Charles & Partners
Accounting services
that meets the needs of SMEs

Meet The Team

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Charles Chen | Managing Partner

CPA (Aus.) ATP (Income Tax)

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Charles is the founder/managing partner of Charles and Partners. With a background in Accounting and Economics, he began providing financial consulting and accounting services to SMEs in 2014. Charles has set up projects with clients in various industries to enhance their financial management, optimise their group tax position and operationalise company processes.

Charles is also committed to training accountants of the next generation. He created an associates program within the firm to train young accountants holistically in the areas of accounting, taxation, corporate secretarial work etc. He does lectures at Singapore Management University in the area of Financial Accounting.